Age of the Farmer

With the average age of farmers in North America approaching 60, what does this mean for the future of our food? We made this short documentary to provide a voice to the young farmers who represent the future of our sustainable agricultural system.

This film was Staff Picked on Vimeo, and is currently featured on National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase and The Atlantic’s Editors’ Picks.

Trash for Peace

“All of our possessions, at some point or another, will not be wanted by us, but they all can be used by someone…” The story of the Portland, OR based nonprofit, Trash for Peace.

For more information on Trash for Peace and to donate visit :

The Hells Canyon Preservation Council – Conservation for Generations

“The majesty of the canyon is its unapproachable wildness, where people can regain the tranquility and the peace that we should all have available to us…”

The story of the La Grande, OR based nonprofit, The Hells Canyon Preservation Council, and Oregon’s largest wilderness area that they serve to protect.

For more information on HCPC and to donate visit :

The White Continent-Antarctica Sizzle Reel

A highlight reel we assembled from our journey to Antarctica with Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic. During our tenure with the company, we produced, filmed and edited over 30 nature documentaries in various locations around the world.

Skyberry Farm – Feed the Need Kickstarter Campaign

We created this video for Skyberry Farm’s Kickstarter project which launched May 9, 2015. The projecet successfuly raised over $33,000 to build a Bed & Breakfast, which will fund the farm, allowing them to donate all of their food to local hunger relief organizations in Oregon.

This project was Staff Picked by Kickstarter and featured on many local and national media outlets. All aerial footage by our friends at Red Lab Films.

Can You Build a House with Hemp? (National Geographic)

“Since the beginning of time, hemp is the only plant that can feed you, house you, clothe you and heal you.”

This is second short video that we produced and shot for National Geographic. In it we tell the story of how the legalization of marijuana in Oregon is beginning to revive the hemp industry, and creating perhaps the most environmentally sustainable building material yet: hempcrete.

Drones and the Future of Farming (National Geographic)

A short video that we produced and shot for National Geographic. In it we tell the story of how unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVS, are reshaping the world of precision agriculture.

Skyberry Farm

“The age of the farmer is dwindling, but a lot of people are catching back onto it.”

Skyberry Farm is a local organic farm that was founded as way to create a community space centered around sustainable practices and nutritious food. They wanted a video that could be used not only as promotional material to attract new CSA shareholders, volunteers and donors, but also as a way to show the substance and immaterial wealth that comes when we return to our roots and engage in the timeless activity of farming.

This short film is still featured on the homepage of WWOOF USA and as a result Skyberry Farm has gained widespread recognition.